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Port Shanghai
160 60 Stockholm

Phone: +46 709 35 44 83              

The foundation Elstudion is one person, we can call him the founder, or we could call him Anders, at least that's what everybody else calls him. Or should we say calls me to be fully correct.
  Me on the other hand, calls myself graphic designer or illustrator. And every once in a while I toss in some other soft titles when I feel up to it; writer, photographer, producer (a cool title that can actually mean just about anything) or even artist if I'm in that mood.

There are a lot of things I'm very good at – I hope a session here has shown you that. But there are actually a whole nuch of things I do not master. In most cases it's a matter of techniques. But that's where The E Network comes into the picture. The E as we usually refer to it. The E is a constantly growing network of musicians, photographers, journalists, writers animators, technicians and directors. The network isn't just a collection of business cards from people I don't know to bits about. They are all friends of mine, that's the very essence of it. The majority I've known since ten years back. We have followed each other since the first meeting with the creative arts, through the hopes and dreams up to today's sometimes bitter reality.
  The E gives me a sense of security. A security for me to know that whatever I want to do, I have the competence within reach. And from knowing them all very well, I can be sure what the result will be.

Every day I have the possibility to test my ideas with my studio partner – the one man word factory – SoB, Mats Lindborg. He is undoubtly the most talented thinker I've ever met.
  And of course all the other people that resides in our headquarter, Point Shanghai. It's like an island of creative minds, and I can't even begin to tell you about the positive air and fantastic atmosphere.
  You really have to drop in someday, we'll show you around, give you a huge cup of coffee and talk about independent music, great movies and maybe even your need for creative input.